We've all been or known someone who has been offended.  An offense contradicts our perception of a person and then challenges our confidence in them.  Something unexpected happens that takes us by surprise.  It may be the result of someone we have known for some time who has seemed to turn on us.

It is importrant that we understand that there are real offenses and perceived offenses.  Most offenses are perceived.  Maybe someone you know is having a bad day, is in a bad mood, and responds to you in a negative way.  You become offended.  The reality is the person's reaction had nothing to do with you.  It is a perceived offense. Real offenses occur when someone maliciously turns on us.  We cannot stop offenses from coming but we don't have to let them dominate us.

There will always be offended people.  Angry people will try to get us to join in on their offenses, but we don't have to.  The Bible teaches that we should deal with offenses immediately before a progression begins that ultimately will lead to a root of bitterness.  Bitterness can destroy us.

Let's decide today to reject offense and choose to forgive.  God forgave you through the shed blood of Jesus Christ so let's imitate Him.