New Life Church began in 1988 in a storefront building on Main Street, Wilburton. It has now become a growing and exciting ministry located west of Wilburton on Hwy 270, on 5 acres of land.


Here at New Life Church we have - Fellowship, where we grow warmer; Discipleship, where we grow deeper; Worship, where we grow stonger; Ministry, where we grow broader; Evangelism, where we grow larger.


We invite you to come as you are, whether you are a spiritual seeker just beginning to ask questions about God or a committed Christian wanting to deepen your faith, New Life Church is a place you can call home and find spiritual help, encouragement, and hope.


We work hard to create a friendly, casual environment at New Life Church. We won't ask you to give money, stand up, or stand out in any way. From “blue jeans” to casual—when you come to New Life Church, dress comfortably! We care more about you than the clothes you wear. You can check us out without us checking you out!


At New Life Church you will find traditional families, folks who have experienced divorce, single moms with kids, and singles. Where God is busy changing lives and situations for those who are willing to have a relationship with Him. And with the variety of ministry groups and activities offered, there is something for everyone in the family to become involved.


Come visit us this Sunday!

We have a place here just for you!

  August 2020  
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